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New Project: Inspire [Her]


I’m excited to unveil one of my latest projects, Inspire [Her]. Last December, I attended the White House’s first codeathon which was organized to promote the Equal Futures App Challenge. We were encouraged to brainstorm reasons why women would be discouraged from running for office or accepting leadership positions and how we could utilize technology… Read more »

Crafty Art with a Message

Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef

Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef was an exhibit I visited at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. The D.C. exhibition has ended but versions of it continue to be showcased in museums around the world. The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef exhibitions call attention to the disappearing coral reef and how pollution and plastic… Read more »

Rethinking Brainstorming

If you’re on a creative team, chances are you’re used to brainstorming ideas for new projects. But the process can end up feeling broken and not as thought out as it should be. This leaves creative teams with ideas that are not as revolutionary as they could be. I began thinking of better ways to… Read more »