How to Find the Original Source of an Image

Sites like Pinterest, Tumblr and Designspiration are great sources of inspiration. But the biggest problem with sites like these is the lack of credit given to the original creators of the images. Kal Barteski began Link with Love to help spread the word on properly giving credit to the artist before sharing their work.

But what if you find an uncredited image that you would like to share?
Here are a few resources that have helped me find the original sources of images on Pinterest.

src-img Bookmarklet

Super easy, just drag the bookmarklet onto your browser. When you see an uncredited image, click on the src-img button on your browser and then the image in question. It will search Google for the original image. If you’re lucky, the original image will be the first result. Sometimes you will need to do a little investigation work and go through a couple search results until you find the original.

Google Images

The manual way to search for images on Google. If you have an image on your desktop, just drag it into the search bar to search for images or just enter the URL of the image.


Tineye gives you the option to either manually search by dragging the image or entering a URL. You can also download a handy browser plugin that allows you to right click an image to search for the original.

How to Find the Original Source of an Image

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iOS Photo Apps of Choice

A couple of my go-to apps for iPhone. Over the years, I’ve found myself taking more important photos on my phone as opposed to my regular DSLR. Because of increased megapixels and photo editing apps its getting harder to tell what’s been shot on a DSLR and what’s been shot on a phone.

Snapseed is my all-time favorite photo app. It is the most powerful and versatile photo app I have come across. The best part about Snapseed is the ability to adjust the power of an effect or filter. Many apps allow you to add pre-set filters to your photos, but with Snapseed you can adjust the percentage of power for each filter before you apply it. Its a bit pricey at $4.99, but worth it!
Sidenote: Google recently bought Snapseed.

Diptic allows you to create photo collages out of multiple images. There are dozens of layouts to choose from. Like Snapseed, the best thing about this app is the ability to have full control over the features. You’re able to change the border color along with the width and height of the grid. Diptic is $0.99.

Land of the Turtle

This summer, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Tortuguero, Costa Rica during the Green Sea Turtle’s nesting time. Our group signed up for the Turtle Watch tour when we first arrived in Tortuguero. Not given much detail about where we would be traveling to, we were only told to meet at the boat dock at 10pm. Once we board the boat, I notice there are no tour guides present, only English-speaking tourists and a boat driver who speaks very little English. (One of the many times that made me realize I need to step up my Spanish skills.)

I look up to the sky and realize that since we are in the middle of the jungle, there is no light pollution. The sky looks endless and I am able to see more stars than I’ve ever seen before. In the far distance of the enormous and seemingly cloudless sky, I see lightning. An ominous sign of what was to come.

Our boat stopped at a small village that is blasting loud music. It was still very dark out and hard to tell what was going on. A couple strangers board the boat. After they’ve boarded the boat, a large man asks in Spanish if we speak Spanish or English. Judging from our blank expressions, he begins speaking a few words in English and tells us we will arrive at our destination shortly.

We ride in the boat for 15 more awkward minutes until we reach our destination. We all file out of the boat, still not sure of what to expect and who these strangers that boarded the boat are. The large man asks that we separate into groups of 10. All of the tourists are huddled together and still not sure what is happening. “WE NEED 10, ANY 10 WILL DO”, the large man yells. I see someone from my group join this first group so I step out and join as well and our tour guide leads us onto this expansive empty space in the middle of the jungle.