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Helpful Resources for Web Designers


Social Media: IFTTT IFTTT uses the programming concept of “If this then that”. With IFTTT you can create ‘recipes’ using a variety of social media platforms. For example, you can create a recipe that tells Twitter to tweet every time you publish something on your blog. There are a lot of fun user created recipes… Read more »

Must See Documentaries


Turtle: The Incredible Journey A documentary that follows a female loggerhead sea turtle from a tiny turtle hatchling to a grown turtle mama. The baby turtle faces every obstacle imaginable, from hungry crabs to environmental dangers. Of the hundreds of eggs that each turtle lays, only few survive into adulthood. Equally amazing is their internal… Read more »

Web Design Tool: Maki App

Maki App

Maki App Bookmarklet Maki App… My long lost web design helper. I lost the link for this but recently rediscovered it. If you are coding a website based on a design that was originally built in Photoshop, Maki App is a must-have tool. The old school way of marking up code to match a JPG… Read more »

Illustrative Books


I may or may not have only gotten these books just for their illustrations. They Draw and Cook: 107 Recipes Illustrated Over 100 artists submitted their drawings to It is possibly the most interesting recipe book I own. As an added bonus, most of the recipes are quick and easy! Their sister site,… Read more »