KCMO: Home of the Biggest Bookshelf

I have so many memories of Kansas City, Missouri growing up. We would fly stand-by on TWA from DC to St. Louis to Kansas City which meant we always had to dress our best (a big change from the usual dress code on today’s flights). We recently made a quick trip there and after a long hiatus from visiting. It was great to see my relatives and also interesting to see how Kansas City had changed. The busy Metro North Mall from my childhood is now a seemingly abandoned mall with only a few stores left (but they still have the balloons!). And Penguin Park, which has been around since the 1970’s has made quite a few changes, including updating the Penguin slide.

But one of the most recent changes that I wanted to highlight was the Kansas City Public Library on 10th Street. Not only did they have an interesting postcard display inside the library, but they also have a “Community Bookshelf” which consists of twenty-two 25-foot tall books.


The postcard exhibit featured 200 Kansas City themed postcards from 1900-1950.
KCMO Library - Postcard Exhibit


The “Community Bookshelf” is actually the parking garage adjacent to the public library. On the inside, it is just your average 4 level parking garage. On the outside, it is pretty amazing! The book stairs were also a nice touch.

KCMO Library

KCMO Library

Be on the lookout for more posts from me in the future. I’ve recently decided to make some big changes and I have a lot to share. In the meantime, take a look at photos from Kansas City, Missouri & Atchison, Kansas.

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